2. Fatcow

Fatcow is a wonderful web hosting company online and they offer a great fatcow package with many awesome products and services to top things off. When you are just first starting out into this kind of business online you might not actually understand as to how these kinds of services can help you and what all the features can do for your site. This is why I am going to go over some of the features, packages and products that they have so this way you can decide if fatcow is the best hosting company for you.


Lets first go over some of the products that they have which you will find many people online raving about in their reviews. The Drop and the drag site builder is one product that a lot of people enjoy. The reason why is because it’s free and it can help you to build your website fast and easy.

All you will need to do is just drag and drop things into place on your site and in a few minutes you can have your website published so that way everyone can see it. You can create and build outstanding websites without having to have an kind of experience with coding. This should be a big relief to some of the people who might just be starting out in this kind of business.

Promotion is very important whenever you have a brand new business online. Fatcow gives you $75 worth of Google credit and you can use this credit towards advertising with AdWords. This is a wonderful way to jump start the website that you have and can get it to grow. You would be amazed at how that $75 can really help you out because think of it this way. You will be getting $75 but in no time at all you might be getting it back when you promote your website the right way and that is something to think about with this awesome product.

Your site will be safe and secure because they will provide a free SSL certificate and a free SiteLock. The SSL Certificate allows the connection to always be encrypted and secure. If you have a business or even just doing it by yourself you will want this kind of reassurance. The SiteLock helps you out because it can help with being able to identify any kind of security vulnerability and this could possibly cause theft to happen. Between these two products you won’t have to worry at night and you will know that your site is safe.

These are just some of the products that FatCow has to offer and most of these products they offer for free so it won’t cost you anything. You will really save a lot of money when you go with FatCow. Now that we have talked about some of the products that they have lets review the fatcow packages that they offer.

Right now one big introductory package that they have going is to where you will only have to pay $3.15 per month for their hosting. You will get all of the tools that you need in order to build up your website and with this you will also get your very own email address for free and you will receive an application to install software, galleries and much more. It really is amazing what all you can get just with having to pay $3.15 per month but this deal won’t last long.

If you find yourself really unhappy with Fatcow then you can get a refund within 30 days of joining but often times you will never hear about this happening because people get hooked fast once they join it because of all of the free things they get and because it’s just easy making a website.